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G.L. Hunt Foundation Repair combines the strength of steel with the affordability of concrete, providing you with a long-lasting, cost-effective foundation pier repair solution known as combination piers. We understand that encountering foundation damage can be a daunting and stressful experience. At G.L. Hunt Foundation Repair, we’re dedicated to walking with you every step of the way, from your first foundation inspection to any adjustments needed down the road covered by your lifetime transferable warranty. We also offer financing to ensure you can give your largest investment the attention it needs at the opportune time. Ready to restore the integrity of your home?

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What Are Combination Piers?

As the name suggests, combination piers combine multiple foundation repair techniques to provide optimal stability, longevity, and affordability. Our Fort Worth combo pier foundations utilize both steel piers and concrete piling.

Steel piers are capable of reaching greater depths than other piering systems. This allows the pier to rest on load-bearing strata, commonly known as bedrock. Unlike the expansive soils closer to the earth’s surface, bedrock is less affected by environmental conditions and can bear significant amounts of weight without compressing or shifting. When installed, steel piers are driven into the load-bearing strata until permanent foundation support is established. At that point, your foundation’s weight is supported by bedrock instead of weak expansive soils. The result? Increased stability and longevity.

Concrete piling is one of the most long-lasting and affordable foundation repair solutions. When combined with steel piers, concrete piles help ensure the longevity of the pier.

Benefits of G.L. Hunt Foundation Repair’s Combination Pier System

Aside from effectively stabilizing your foundation for many years to come, here are some of the top benefits of our combination pier foundation repair:

  • Depth of steel piers—a 2 ⅞” steel pipe is driven deep into the soil
  • Affordability and longevity of concrete piling
  • Lifetime transferable warranty

For a complete list of benefits and to determine whether combination pier foundations are right for your Fort Worth home, contact G.L. Hunt Foundation Repairtoday!

Free Foundation Inspections

When it comes to your foundation, existing damage will only get worse with time. At G.L. Hunt Foundation Repair, we offer free foundation inspections to ensure you can catch foundation damage early when it is least expensive and easiest to repair.

During your foundation inspection, our experts will assess your home for the following signs of damage:

  • Foundation cracks
  • Bulging or bowing foundation walls
  • Differential settlement
  • Uneven floors
  • Sticking windows and doors

If you’re curious whether combination piers may be the right foundation repair solution for you, call G.L. Hunt Foundation Repairat (817) 438-2052 today!

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