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The majority of the homes built until the early 1960s were pier and beam homes, which provide the advantage of a crawlspace beneath the structure. This allows for easier access to pier and beam foundation repair for your home. If cracks are noticed in a pier and beam foundation, the problem has many more variables than a solid slab foundation and requires the review of a trusted Fort Worth pier and beam foundation repair professional.

G.L. Hunt Foundation Repair is experienced in pier and beam foundation repair and is committed to servicing Fort Worth residents. If you are looking for professional pier and beam foundation repair services in Forth Worth or the surrounding areas, you can count on us.

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Types of Foundation Repair

Prepare Site

Our Fort Worth pier and beam foundation repair is done in several phases. The area is cleared of all shrubs and plants. Then, tarps are laid down to protect the surrounding lawn. The crew is able to enter the crawl space under the structure to replace any rotten wood or broken beams and install piers as needed.


Using hydraulic jacks, the interior floor levels are raised to their natural position. The team moves slowly and systematically to ensure a gentle and uniform lift. The Field Superintendent monitors the lift of the structure to ensure the reaction of the structure and interior elevation readings are accurate and do not cause unnecessary strain on the structure.

Shimming Process

Once the structure has been lifted to its natural position, the team removes any previously installed shimming and replaces it with metal and permanent fillers. Beams are then added as necessary in areas of the floor system that need reinforcement. If there is an insufficient amount of interior supports, interior pads and blocks or steel piers are added to stabilize the interior structure and floor system.

Pier Completion

Once the structure has been lifted to its natural position, concrete cylinders or steel piers replace the hydraulic jacks to provide permanent support to the structure. Once the excavated area is filled in, any debris resulting from the repair process will be removed. The foundation is now incredibly secure thanks to our Fort Worth pier and beam foundation repair and Reshimming System. This solution comes with a lifetime guarantee by G.L. Hunt Foundation Repair!

What Is Pier and Beam Foundation?

Pier and beam foundation diagramPier and beam foundation is an alternative to a slab or basement foundation. It consists of space beneath your home's foundation, with concrete, stone, or brick piers along with wooden beams that are responsible for supporting your home. Pier and beam foundation is usually used for homes built in an environment that is more prone to flooding.

One benefit that comes with having your home supported by a pier and beam foundation is that potential repairs are a lot less costly to fic than slab foundations.

Signs Your Pier and Beam Foundation Need Repair

Crack in exterior home wallAre you wondering whether your pier and beam foundation needs to be repaired? There are a couple of signs that you can look out for that will help you determine whether you are best off calling a professional to inspect the situation for you.

Some signs that indicate that your pier and beam foundation needs repair include:

  • There are noticeable cracks or fractures on your walls or floors
  • Your foundation is sinking or settling
  • Your foundation looks like it has moved in an upward direction (known as foundation upheaval)
  • Your home's doors feel tight to open or close
  • There are noticeable gaps around your outside doors or your window frames
  • Your home's floor looks uneven
  • Your home's floor looks like its sagging
  • There is heavy moisture in the crawlspace beneath your foundation
  • Your cabinets or counters look like they are tilting away from your home's wall

If you notice any of the signs above, we highly encourage you to contact our pier and beam foundation repair specialists here at G.L. Hunt Foundation Repair. Our team of foundation repair experts has years of combined experience and knows exactly what to do to get your pier and beam foundation looking and feeling good as new.

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