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Slab foundations compared to pier and beam foundations come with a great many advantages. Slab foundations don’t have a crawl space underneath and therefore can help to cut down on your utility bills. They are also relatively quick in terms of installation, generally being able to be poured in a single day over a layer of gravel up to 6 inches thick that is then covered with a thin sheet of plastic in order to keep moisture from penetrating through the gravel into the concrete slab.

However, that 4-millimeter sheet of plastic often is not enough to completely protect your slab from moisture and you may find yourself in need of slab leak repair. Any signs of leaks coming up through your concrete slab mean your foundation is undergoing some kind of damage. Even with the weight and even distribution of a slab foundation, the soils beneath can shift and create voids that will then make your foundation sink in some areas but not in others, leading to damage if you wait too long to get slab repair performed.

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Can a Slab Foundation Be Repaired?

You may think once you start to see cracks in a concrete slab that there is no hope for it and it will need to be entirely replaced. This is rarely the case, and the Fort Worth slab repair experts at G.L. Hunt Foundation Repair know what to look for in order to determine what kind of concrete slab repair your home needs. While there are certainly do-it-yourself options you can purchase at a store for repairing cracks in a concrete slab, you will find this to be an overall costlier option.

DIY concrete slab repair is never permanent and, while it may somewhat slow down the escalation of damage, it will not stop further damage entirely. You will likely find yourself spending more when you finally decide to call a foundation expert versus if you had a professional repair done the first time.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Slab Foundation?

Because there are many different options for slab repair, it is impossible to know exactly how much it will cost you unless you request a FREE estimate from G.L. Hunt Foundation Repair. Not only does the style of repair change the cost, but the extent of the damage has an effect as well. Some cracks in a concrete slab can be repaired for less than $1,000 while other foundation issues do present more costly repair needs. Call for a free, no-obligation estimate and we will walk you through exactly what needs to be done and how much it would cost to complete.

Our Slab Foundation Repair Options

We offer a variety of concrete surface, leak, and cement crack repair solutions because we know not every homeowner is facing the same situation. No two slab foundations are the same and no two were built on the exact same mix of soil. We take a close look at the damage and your home overall to determine the absolute best solution for your needs.

Steel Piers

Steel piers transfer loads from surface soil to the deeper, more stable bedrock that is better able to bear the load of your home without shifting. If your slab foundation has started to settle and sink, this option is a common and effective solution for lifting your foundation back into place and stabilizing it. Our expert foundation repair specialists will determine if steel piers are the best solution for your slab foundation repair and will walk you through their placement and what you can expect.

Concrete Piling

Piling is another type of foundation repair that transfers the load into a deeper section of soil than your slab foundation was built upon. It uses stacked concrete piers that are held in place by the CarbonLoc™ system that eliminates the risk of lateral movement. Our experts rely on their experience and well-established procedures in order to verify the strength and consistency of our concrete piles. This is one of our most cost-effective slab foundation repair solutions and the benefits are that

Combination Piers

Combination piers utilize a mix of steel piers and concrete piling for slab foundation repair. They give you the added depth of a steel pier and the affordability of the concrete pile. The steel pier is driven into the ground and secured with concrete piling to ensure the longevity of the repair. Our combination piers come with a lifetime transferable warranty so you can feel sure you’re getting the very best.

When you are ready to get started with a free estimate, contact us today! Our Fort Worth slab foundation repair team is here to help.

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