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Sump Pump Installation in Fort Worth

Preventing Flooding in Basements & Crawl Spaces

Flooding is a nightmare for any homeowner. Water will destroy anything in its path, from personal possessions to drywall to the very foundation of your home. Protect your home and your peace of mind with sump pump installation in Fort Worth.

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What Is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is one of the most effective drainage solutions for the prevention of basement and crawl space flooding. Installed inside of a sump pit in the lowest part of the home, sump pumps “pump” water out of and away from your home. Our sump pump installation services are especially beneficial in regions with heavy rainfall or frequent flooding, as they can effectively capture and divert water before it causes damage.

How Do Sump Pumps Work?

Our Fort Worth sump pump installations are set inside of sump pits that are dug into the lowest part of your home—typically your basement or crawl space. These sump pits collect water, and as the water level fills the pit, it activates the sump pump through a sump float. The sump float acts much like a toilet in that it activates the pump when the float device rises with the pit’s water level and turns off when the water level drops. Once activated, the sump pump discharges the water in the sump pit out of and away from your home.

With that said, sump pumps won’t always address the cause of your basement or crawl space’s water problems. If there are larger water management issues on your property, such as poorly channeled roof water, you may need to look into additional drainage or repair solutions.

Where Does My Sump Pump Drain?

The sump pump will drain outside of your home, ideally in a location where the slope of your yard will naturally direct the water further away from your foundation. If the sump pump drains too closely to your home, it could cause water to flood the soil surrounding your foundation, making the sump pump counter-productive.

Sump Pump FAQ

Is it good or bad to buy a house with a sump pump?

When it comes to buying a home that already has a sump pump installed, it can mean two things: the previous owner took proactive measures to protect the crawl space or basement from flooding, or the previous owner installed a sump pump after flooding had already occurred. If the latter is true, you’ll simply want to make note of any signs of water damage before closing the deal. It’s not necessarily a bad thing when a sump pump is installed—in fact, it can be a great thing. But it is important to ensure you get a full picture of the home’s history with water management.

Do sump pumps run constantly?

No—sump pumps are designed only to run when a specific amount of water has filled the sump pit. If your sump pump is running constantly, it’s worthwhile checking it out. Usually, the sump pump float switch simply gets stuck in the “on” position. You’ll want to make sure to fix this so that your sump pump’s motor doesn’t burn out. Sometimes, your sump pump running constantly could indicate the presence of a water problem. Either way, it’s important to investigate and determine the reason your sump pump is running nonstop.

Do you need a plumber to install a sump pump?

It’s not uncommon for people to have a plumber install their sump pump. However, it’s not the best option available. Foundation repair and waterproofing contractors will have the most extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to your sump pump installation, as a sump pump is a crucial element to your home’s water management. Regardless of the kind of contractor you call, it’s still important to have your sump pump installed by a professional. A lot of things go into ensuring your sump pump functions effectively, including location, depth, size, sealing, and electrical wiring.

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