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Foundation Repair Solutions in the Greater Dallas Region

Depending upon the type of foundation you have, there are a variety of foundation repair solutions in DFW that G.L. Hunt Foundation Repair can utilize to permanently stabilize your home. Don’t allow your biggest financial investment to fall apart from the ground up - call us for a FREE quote!

Dallas Foundation Repair Solutions to Prevent Damage

There are certain steps you can take to deter the risks of foundation settlement and damage that are caused by the moisture content in the soil. Here in Texas, we have found that having a foundation irrigation system can be an invaluable tool. We install a submerged drip irrigation system around the perimeter of your foundation to deliver uniform moisture. This stops the constant fluctuation between dry soil pulling away from your foundation and heavily saturated soil placing excessive pressure against it. Having a uniform amount of moisture keeps you from having to worry about the uneven settlement of your home.

Our Residential and Commercial Foundation Repair Services

Basement or Crawl Space Waterproofing

Basement and crawl space waterproofing might not deter foundation damage, but it will mitigate the risks to your personal belongings by creating a safe, waterproof zone inside your foundation walls. When your foundation is damaged, the water in the soil will seep through the cracks no matter how tiny they are and work its way into your basement or crawl space. Having G.L. Hunt Foundation Repair perform waterproofing services will ensure you have peace of mind in utilizing your basement or crawl space to their fullest extent.

Slab Foundation Repair Options

A concrete slab foundation is poured directly on the ground and therefore are more prone to settling than pier and beam foundations. The causes of foundation damage generally relate back to the soil your home is built on. For slab repair, our Dallas concrete contractors have multiple pier systems that allow us to fit your budget.

We offer the following pier systems:

  • Steel Piers
  • Concrete Piling
  • Combination Piers

Steel Piers

Our steel pier Dallas foundation repair solutions involve finding deeper soil than other pier methods. Steel piers are designed to reach load-bearing strata and transfer the weight of the structure from unstable to stable soil.

This method of foundation repair boasts the following features:

  • Lifetime transferable warranty
  • Engineered to last for the life of your home
  • 2 7/8" steel pipe provides the most depth
  • Schedule 40 thickness
  • Sleeve lock steel Segments

Concrete Piling

Concrete piling uses a system of stacked piers to transfer the weight of your home to load-bearing soil. These stacked piers are held in place by the CarbonLoc™ system, which eliminates the possibility of lateral movement.

Concrete piling offers the following features:

  • Never rusts, corrodes, or weakens due to moisture
  • Most cost-effective solution
  • Provides temporary foundation repair
  • Periodic adjustments may be necessary due to limited depth

Combination Pier

The combination pier method for foundation repair combines the use of steel piers and concrete piling repair.

The benefits of the combination pier method include:

  • A lifetime transferable warranty
  • Provides added depth of the steel and the affordability of the concrete
  • 2 7/8” steel pipe goes deeper into the soil
  • Large concrete pilings help ensure the longevity of the pier

Repair Processes for Pier and Beam Foundations

Pier and beam foundations were popular in the 1960s and come with the advantage of a crawl space. However, when cracks appear in pier and beam foundations, the issue has more variables than a solid slab foundation.

The pier and beam foundation repair process involves the following:

  • Stabilization using hydraulic jacks
  • Re-shimming using only steel shims
  • Replacement of rotten or broken beams and installation of new beams for reinforcement
  • Addition of interior concrete pads and blocks or steel piers to stabilize the interior structure

If you’re looking for the very best foundation solutions and repair you can find, you’ve come to the right place. Fill out a form for a FREE estimate or give us a call to learn more today!

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