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How Drainage Systems Prevent Foundation Issues

Water pooling in your lawn is more than just an eyesore. It is actually important for proper drainage. If you have water that isn’t draining away from your home, it could pool around your foundation. This creates thousands of pounds of pressure against your foundation walls, imperiling the entirety of your home’s structure. When you notice water pooling on your property, contact the Dallas yard drainage systems experts from G.L. Hunt Foundation Repair for a solution.

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Our Different Types of Drainage Systems in Dallas

Listed below are the types of Dallas yard drainage systems and foundation irrigation systems that can help prevent further damage to your home's foundation.

Surface Drainage Systems

Surface Drain - uses a 9”x9” or 12”x12” drain connected to a flexible PVC pipe to channel the water away from the home.

Subsurface Drainage Systems

French drains - one of the most common Dallas drainage systems. French drains are gravel-covered trenches that redirect water to a pipe located at the bottom.

Collection Boxes - These 12”x12” boxes rest just below the ground. They trap water and move it away from the home.

Popup Valve - This spring-loaded cap opens or closes depending on the flow of water. This prevents pools of water from accumulating.

Slope Drainage Systems

Landscape Grading - the grade of a landscape refers to its inclination in regards to a horizontal plain. A positive grade slopes away from your foundation.

Downspouts & Gutter Installation

Gutter & Downspout installation - a great way to prevent water from accumulating near your foundation.

Additional Drainage Systems & Products

Sump Pump - is a pump that is designed to automatically remove water that has pooled around or below a foundation.

Combo Drain - the combination of a French and surface drain to carry away water.

Solid Drain - utilizes a corrugated pipe with a catch basin affixed. These drains can move larger quantities of water than other systems.

Automated Foundation Irrigation System - helps prevent the problem of inconsistent moisture near your foundation. These pipes use timers to consistently maintain the level of moisture around your home’s foundation.

Which Drainage System is Best for You?

Contact our Dallas yard drainage experts at G.L. Hunt to learn more about which drainage system is appropriate for your property or project. We install everything from french drains to surface drains to sump pumps. Let's get ahead of a pooling water foundational issue and help you get rid of excess water today! Contact us to schedule an appointment.


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