Common Causes of Foundation Problems in San Antonio

Foundation Problems in San Antonio: The most likely reason for a San Antonio foundation repair is the result of expanding and contracting soils under the floor concrete slab. In this article, you will get to know the most significant causes of changes in soil moisture level that eventually leads to sinking foundations. It is critical that you understand the reasons why your concrete slabs are settling to determine the best repair method that can solve your specific problem.

Foundation Problems in San Antonio | Climatic Conditions

The San Antonio area and the greater Texas state are known to have extreme weather conditions during the four climatic seasons. Radical changes between hot, cold, dry, and wet weather severely affect the soil in that region including the concrete foundation of homes. When the earth under foundations undergoes temperature and moisture fluctuations, it tends to expand and contract excessively causing the concrete foundation to crack.

Foundation Problems in San Antonio | Soil Type

The type of soil an area has is highly dependent on the prevailing climatic conditions. Lands in the San Antonio area are composed of loam and clay soils with a very high elasticity index. The index measures the percentage of soil to expand or contract when it is exposed to different weather conditions. A high index translates to a high expansion and contraction rate that causes cracks in concrete foundations.

Foundation Problems in San Antonio | Drainage Issues

The San Antonio area has a flat terrain that tends to hold rainwater stagnant instead of allowing it to flow freely. Unfortunately, most people do not know that stagnant water is detrimental to their foundations in the long run. Standing water finds its way into the soil immediately below it through a process known as seepage and finally to the ground under the foundation by lateral movement. A little moisture in foundation soil is recommendable, but excess water causes the earth to expand causing cracks on the concrete above it.

Foundation Problems in San Antonio | Leveling Problems

When a contractor is set to lay foundation concrete, it’s vital that the soil under the concrete is kept 100 percent flat. However, this is not usually the case partly because it’s not practical. Because of the soil type in San Antonio, it’s even more challenging to keep the foundation soil leveled when preparing for construction. The result is a slightly uneven house that tends to cause undue pressure on some parts of the concrete foundation leading to cracking.

Incompetent Contractors

Considering the soil problems in Texas, building contractors are expected to be extra careful when preparing the soil foundation and during the actual concrete laying. However, some contractors tend to overlook this specific problem as well as other construction standards and inspection requirements. It is recommendable that you are present during the initial days of construction to make sure your contractor does it right. If you cannot be physically available, consider sending a trusted proxy to represent you.

Landscaping Issues

Who would not like a well-manicured flower garden in the front and backyard of their home? For homeowners in the San Antonio area, this practice would not be recommendable. Trees and plants very near to the house tend to absorb the water and moisture required for the stability of foundation soils. Excessive leaching causes the ground to contract to result in the sinking of the upper floor slabs and cracking of concrete foundations.

Leaking Water Pipes

A leaking pipe fix and foundation repair in San Antonio, Texas are not uncommon. These practices are mainly because of extreme temperature changes and the soil type in the area. Water from these pipes causes the soil to expand further and create erosion problems in some extreme cases. It’s recommendable that you seek expert opinion when carrying out plumbing works. Also, make sure you schedule frequent inspections of your piping and irrigation systems.

Ignoring The actual Cause of Cracks

When carrying out foundation repair in san antonio, some homeowners cut corners by using concrete piers that are seemingly affordable. Piers are known to fix the practical problem, but they do not address the actual cause of the cracks, which is the soil beneath the foundation. The seemingly affordable option becomes very expensive in the long run since you have to repair the slab a second time or third time when it cracks again.


The list only includes the most likely problem a san antonio foundation repair may address. There are many other causes of concrete cracking that may be specific to your house. An ideal contractor should be able to accurately identify and repair the real cause of a sinking concrete slab and foundation. Not sure what to do about foundation repair problems in San Antonio? Look no further than G.L. Hunt Foundation and Structural Repair.