How Weather Affects Your Home’s Foundation

how weather affects your homes foundation
Your home’s foundation serves a very important function, but it can be easy to forget. Unfortunately, Texas is known for its extreme weather, and changing temperatures, water, and soil erosion can cause serious foundation problems that can threaten the integrity of your home. Damage from Cold Weather Texas ... Read More

5 Causes of Foundation Issues

5 Causes of Foundation Issues
One of the worst issues that a home owner can face is foundation concerns. They can take time to identify and resolve, requiring the help of foundation experts. The causes of foundation issues are varied, and we will take a closer look at some of the most common ones that can wreak havoc on your …

How To Find The Best Foundation Repair Company For Your Home

How To Find The Best Foundation Repair Company For Your Home
The foundation of the home is the most important part of the property because it determines the structural integrity of the building. When you discover cracks in the foundation or your home’s doors are sticking, it may be time to make repairs to the foundation. When you’re looking to find the best ... Read More

French Drains: Why They Are Important

french drains why they are important
French drains Рdid they really come from France? What exactly are they, and what makes them so decidedly important to so many people? The purpose this post is to bring some clarity to the common lack thereof on the subject of French drains. These important exterior setups really are crucial in many ... Read More

Why Are My Doors and Windows Sticking?

why are my windows and doors sticking
Sticking windows and doors or those that don’t shut properly can be a major nuisance for any homeowner. These problems can greatly increase your energy bills due to heat loss/gain and also invite all sorts of insects and pests into the home. Unfortunately, fixing doors or windows that stick isn’t ... Read More

Benefits of Steel Pier Foundation Repair

benefits of steel pier foundation repair
Having a strong, reliable and long-lasting foundation is of utmost importance when constructing any structure. As such, you should make an informed decision when choosing the type of pier to use. Remember, you need a foundation that will sustain a tremendous amount of weight over time. To help your decision-making ... Read More

How To Landscape Your Yard For Proper Drainage

how to landscape your yard for proper drainage
Having improper drainage in your yard can lead to a whole host of problems, and although Texas is generally known more for its hot, dry weather than it is torrential downpours, even small rainstorms can wreak havoc on your property if you don’t take the proper steps to correct any possible drainage issues. ... Read More